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Boy Scouts of America Troop 312 St Petersburg, Florida


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Merit Badges

January 2005

Tommy J: Star
Tommy J: Pets
Tommy J: Citiz. of the Nation

April 2005

Tyler Sweeney: Tenderfoot

July 2005

Tommy Jockers: Life

February 2005

Michael B: Life
Ken S: Star
Tommy J: Dog Care
Kenny S: Reading

May 2005

Mike M: New Scout
Tommy: Fishing
Tyler: Fishing
Tommy: Canoeing
Kenny: Canoeing
Tommy: Reading
Kenny: Family Life

March 2005

Josh H: Rifle Shooting
Tommy J: Citz in Community
Tommy J: Rifle Shooting
Kenny S: Rifle Shooting
Tyler S: Rifle Shooting

June 2005

Vinny: 1st Class
Mike K: 1st Class
Aaron: 2nd Class
Mike M: Tenderfoot

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